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GMP-grade Proteins Accepting Orders Now!

Product Name Cat.# Size
Hu IL-4 NEW GMP-101-04 5ug,100ug,1000ug
rHu LR3 IGF-1, media grade NEW GMP-105-03 1mg,5mg,50mg

Below GMP-grade Proteins are Coming Soon!

Product Name Cat.# Size
rHu IL-2 GMP-101-02 5ug,100ug,1000ug
rHu GM-CSF GMP-102-03 5ug,100ug,1000ug
rHu IFN-gamma GMP-106-06 5ug,100ug,1000ug
rHu TNF-alpha GMP-103-01 5ug,100ug,1000ug

GMP级蛋白      力助细胞治疗

As the demand for biopharmaceuticals and the promise of cellular therapies grow,so does the need for high quality growth factors and cytokines used for cell culture. Our experienced Quality and Manufacturing teams will partner with you to ensure we meet all of the requirement necessary to instill confidences as your reagent supplier.

PrimeGene GMP proteins are designed specifically to meet the stringent requirements necessary!for their use as cell therapy reagents or as ancillary proteins used in manufacturing.

→ Idea for Translational Research

→ Lot-lot Consistency

→ Extensive Documentation

→ Animal-free

→ Certification and Regulatory Guidelines Followed


Manufacturing in our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility in Minneapoils

WHO TRS,No.882,1992 Annex 1,Good Manufacturing Practices foe Biological Products

USP Chapter<1043>,Ancillary Materials for Cell,Gene,and Tissue-Engineered Products

USP Chapter<92>,Growth Factors and Cytokines Used in Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Protein A 琼脂糖凝胶预装柱NEW

Protein A 琼脂糖凝胶树脂NEW

PrimeGene now offers Protein A resin---Protein A Sepharose CL-4B! It is designed to significantly reduce the cost of the Protein A capture step,offer a standardized platform for bioprocessing applications and meet the industry’s demands for quality and supply expectations.

Reliable Performance:

→ High dynamic binding capacity, and low protein A leaching

→ Reduction in protein A resin cost

→ An animal free fermentation process

→ Manufacturing process that meets ISO9001:2008 quality system standards

→ Security supply chain

Performance Specifications:

→ Ligand: Recombinant Staphylococcus Protein A (rSPA) expressed in E. coli, which contains all five immunoglobin binding domains (E,D,A,B,C).

→ Bead structure: 4% cross-linked sepharose

→ Particle size: 45–165 μm

→ Mean bead size: 90 μm

→ Ligand density: ~5 mg protein A/ml medium

→ Available capacity: >30 mg human IgG/ml medium

→ Protein A leaching: <10 ng IgG

→ Caustic Stability: 100 cycles with 0.1M NaOH

→ Recommended Flow Velocity: 20-150 cm/h

→ Recommended pH: 3–9, Short term: 2–10

Protein 琼脂糖凝胶树脂(瓶装)NEW

Cat.# Product Name Size A Size B Size C Size D
110107A Protein A ResinCL-4B 5ml 25ml 200ml 1000ml

Protein 琼脂糖凝胶预装柱NEW

Cat.# Product Name Size
120107A1B Protein A Separose CL-4B Column, 1ml, 2 columns 2×1ml
120107A1E Protein A Separose CL-4B Column, 1ml, 5 columns 5×1ml
120107A5A Protein A Separose CL-4B Column, 5ml, 1 columns 1×5ml
120107A5E Protein A Separose CL-4B Column, 5ml, 5 columns 5×5ml